Public policies for productive innovation in Knowledge Society

Dra. Susana Finquelievich, Mg. Patricio Feldman, Lic. Ulises Girolimo


Public policies for productive innovation in Knowledge Society (2016)


Finquelievich, Susana; Feldman, Patricio; Girolimo, Ulises.

This paper refers the advances of an ongoing project: “Local Development and Productive Innovation in three cities in the Province of Buenos Aires”. Its main goal is to examine the relationships between public policies in dissimilar-sized cities and the processes of socio-technical innovation based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It spotlights the shaping factors on the rise and consolidation of innovation processes, the articulation between innovation agents, the role of the State, and the resulting explicit and implicit public policies. The main factors considered are the population number and characteristics of each city, the participation of innovation agents (Universities active in R+D, cutting-edge enterprises, innovative local governments), and the building productive innovation networks among them. The main final output of the project will be a set of recommendations addressed to regional and local governments about public policies for cities in Knowledge Society.

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